Flight : Yoga Mixtape

Twenty years into my practice, I still see debates about how yoga "should" or "should not" be practiced. I prefer to turn down that noise and turn up the music, to connect, move, breathe, and stretch. Flight: Yoga Mixtape is what's been in my head and body lately. 

For the last three months I've been employed as the Director of Content for RChain Cooperative, a blockchain solution working on creating industrial-scale utility. Beyond being a blockchain platform, we've also funded over 30 companies to build on top of our platform when we launch next spring. I created RCast, a podcast covering our portfolio companies and the missions they are pursuing. The first four episodes feature organizations trying to solve the problem of digital identity and security, tracking carbon emissions, combating false information on the internet, and addressing voting problems (such as voter suppression and ballot tampering) on blockchain. You can listen on the feed here (and check out the blog while you're there) or subscribe to RCast on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.

Thank you, as always, for reading.