Clarity Yoga Mixtape


Anxiety is now the most common psychological disorder on the planet. While this is not a surprise, given all the literature that exists about anxiety, there are relatively few resources for helping people cope with anxiety on any meaningful scale. For twenty-five years I suffered from anxiety disorder, experiencing hundreds of panic attacks and reorienting my life to accommodate the chronic stress that could boil over at any moment. For most of this time, I was silent about my problem, given that it tends to invoke feelings of guilt and shame.

My last panic attack was in January 2015. While I had mostly developed a series of avoidance techniques, it took some time for me to finally navigate this tricky terrain and find a solution for quieting my stress. And while there is no silver bullet to end anxiety, I created Clarity: Anxiety Reduction for Optimal Health to address some of the most pressing issues around anxiety disorder. This audio program features tips, information, educational material, and best practices to help you curb and potentially overcome anxiety. It’s a burden I’ve lived with for over half of my life, and reducing it to the degree that I can function without worry of an attack has my everyday existence that much more meaningful.

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To coincide with the program, I created Clarity : Yoga Mixtape for your listening enjoyment. 

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