Globesonic Sessions Vol 1

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've dj'd, either solo or with EarthRise SoundSystem or Globesonic. That might change soon, but at the moment most of my playlisting and sequencing go on in my Equinox classes. I do have public playlists on Spotify for my yoga, studio cycling, and ViPR/Kettlebell Combo classes that I update weekly. 

As the latter two feature a lot of house music, and since that's often what I spin at Globesonic parties, I'll be making a series of mixes based on the great music I find for my movement classes. And so Globesonic Sessions Vol 1 is now posted for your listening and downloading pleasure. This one is a mix of African, Latin, Balkan, and reggae house that I've been digging. 

A few things: 

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Many thanks, as always, for reading.