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Bassekou Kouyate has a serious saunter. When he crosses the stage wielding his small African lute, the ngoni, the Mali native emits a masterful swagger. While his new record, Miri, is in constant rotation right now, “Abe Sumaya,” from his 2016 album, Ba Power, is a stunning example of his band’s complex musicality and deep grooves. The combination of Kouyate’s string work and his wife Amy Sacko’s vocals makes for transcendent listening.



It’s strange, how some origin stories stick with you. Spotting Fiona Apple in an issue of Rolling Stone at the Wiz in East Brunswick in 1996 piqued my curiosity. Shortly thereafter I purchased Tidal, hooked on day one. Somehow, I missed the story about the “Jon Brion version” of Extraordinary MachineThis biography of that album in LongReads is well worth the reminiscing.



I’ve been working on this transition in my yoga classes at Equinox over the last few weeks. An increasing focus since Fall has been strengthening my lower traps; a few band and loading exercises has completely stopped a continual, uncomfortable cracking of my upper back as well as improved my posture; this area of focus has subsequently increased the range of my backbending. This transition flow is great for upper back and core strength, as well as a nice hip mobility drill when dropping down toward a beast.



I discovered Marlon James with the publication of A Brief History of Seven Killings. An intimate retelling of Jamaican life during the period of the attempted assassination of Bob Marley? James’s imagination knows few boundaries.

I’ll leave it to the New Yorker to explain his evolution:

Marlon James

My copy of Black Leopard, Red Wolf arrived on Thursday. Though I just started over the weekend, I’m instantly finding the groove.