As the holiday season rolls around, I wanted to release at least one more yoga mixtape: Tension. Often I base the name on a song or overall sonic vibe, but coming across the cover photo taken with my wife, I thought it to be the perfect playful but informative title. Tension isn't always bad—we need a certain amount to survive. Tension is strength and also music: the taut strings of an instrument, the meeting of breath and brass, fingertips slapping percussion. It just so turns out that these songs all have their own elements of it. So, here's to the progressive, strengthening tension we need in this season...and beyond. 

It's been a hibernating period, but not from a lack of productivity. Everything around me is in preparation mode. The road to 2019 is looking quite promising. More soon, in life and music. 

But I will leave you with this piece about how to move better

Thank you, as always, for reading.