Transitions: Exploring Yoga’s In-Between Spaces
While much emphasis in the yoga practice is placed on postures, how we move from pose to pose is of equal importance. Derek has always designed his classes around transitions. How we arrive into and leave from a pose helps to define where we end up next. In this workshop, Derek leads a dynamic Vinyasa-based practice that serves as a template for an underlying foundation of how and why we live. As much as we crave stability and solidity, Transitions is based on the idea that the most valuable place we can exist within is groundlessness.  It is the spaces in between the postures that can teach us the most about who we are.

Transitions 101
This workshop breaks down some of the most important yet least-liked poses in yoga, including chaturanga, chair and plow pose. Oftentimes these poses are seen as mere in-betweens leading to another posture, and so the yogi rushes by them to get somewhere else. Yet they are poses in and of themselves, and so detailed alignment and long holds in the more deceptively challenging poses are woven into a strong Vinyasa practice.

Yoga Sountrack: An Exploration of Movement, Sound & Neuroscience
Music and yoga have a long and interconnected history. Today yoga teachers are constantly seeking music for their group classes or for personal practice, often turning to the mantras and classical traditions of India. Others still tune into pop charts and blare upbeat electronica to feed their sonic fix. Music is present in our lives every step of the way, in the background at stores and restaurants, carrying the suspense in movies and drifting from computer speakers when we sit to surf. With music such an everyday occurrence, it is surprising that one simple question is not asked more often: What is the relationship between yoga and music?

In this exciting, groundbreaking workshop, yoga instructors and music professionals Derek Beres and Philip Steir investigate what modern neuroscience tells us about both music and yoga’s effects on the brain. Why do sad songs, just like challenging yoga postures, make us happy and comfort us? How does music and yoga positively influence our brain? How do different tempos affect our cognitive skills and emotional orientation during an asana class? Can music help us focus, as in meditation? How can both help with our motor capacity?

Utilizing the latest research along with anecdotal tales from their professional lives, Beres and Steir uncover the intriguing depths of this longstanding union. Beginning with an invigorating Vinyasa Flow led by Beres and DJ’d by Steir, the two will select a wide range of international sounds to lead the yogis deeply inside of themselves. After the practice and meditation, they dive into what actually happened inside each yogi’s brain. An informative workshop for teachers as well as enlightening experience for any fan of music and yoga, Yoga Soundtrack will change your understanding of this beautiful marriage of sound and movement.

EarthRise Warrior Flow
Based on Derek’s DVD and set to the soundtrack of EarthRise SoundSystem’s The Yoga Sessions, EarthRise Warrior Flow is an intense and dynamic Vinaysa-based workshop breaking down the fundamentals of transitions, arm balances and deep hip opening.

The Foundation of Yoga
Traditionally, before a student began practicing yoga, he would first have to have proven that he was well-versed in the yamas and niyamas, aka the ethical foundation of the yoga practice. Today ethics are usually only discussed when a teacher tragically violates them. This Vinyasa-based workshop begins with a talk on those ten important principles that underlie the foundation of the yoga practice, and how we can put them into practice today.

Moving From Center
There is much talk of ‘the core’ in yoga classes, but besides a few boat poses and twists, very little is done to really explore the relationship with moving from our center in various yoga poses and sequences. This workshop corrects that with a strong emphasis on core work and, more importantly, detailed exercises specifically teaching the yogis how to engage their abdominal muscles in each pose.