March 1, 2025. An ordinance states that any family not making $100,000 annually must move into transition camps, newly designed ‘upscale condominium units’ constructed on the fringes of New York City. These communities, surrounded by an eighteen-foot fence and around-the-clock security, are meant to teach residents how to survive in a society in which the middle class has been dissolved, offering them a step up in America. Once inside a different story unfolds.

Trane Wilson is assigned to Millstone, the prototype camp built on old shipping docks on Newark Bay. He quickly befriends three other teens—Javier, Tonka and Ish—and the quartet devises a plan to survive against the makers’ wishes. While the society around them crumbles thanks to a quickly emerging prison system, a rampant turn to religious thinking, and the infiltration of deep-pocketed outsiders creating a reality show that represents no reality that exists around them, these four boys come of age and ultimately escape Shadowstone—the residents’ name for their city—in very different ways.

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