Exploring the Heart & Mind of Yoga
Engaging Our Emotional Landscape Through Movement, Music & Meditation
Prana del Mar | Baja, Mexico | Oct 11-18, 2014

Join Derek Beres and Philip Steir for this weeklong gathering at the beautiful Prana del Mar in Baja, Mexico, on Oct 11-18, 2014. (Really, it’s beautiful. See for yourself.) This unique retreat will expand upon the work in yoga, music, neuroscience, meditation and emotional processing that the duo used in creating their groundbreaking class, Flow Play, currently being taught exclusively at Equinox Fitness clubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas and San Francisco.

Two daily yoga and meditation sessions uncover how we can use music, movement, meditation and mythology in helping process, come to terms with and experience our emotions in a way that benefits our overall sense of well-being and long-term health. The result is a system that helps us articulate and utilize a range of emotions to help train our brains for resilience, clarity, calm and insight. By focusing on this variety—beloved feelings of Motivation and Compassion, perceived ‘negative’ sensations of Sadness and Anger, as well as our brain’s systems of Seeking and Play—we will thread together a well-rounded exploration of who we are and how we move through the world.

Plus plenty of yoga, sunshine and good people and food. There’s even an ocean we’ll be next to the whole time. Dive in.


EarthRise SoundSystem‘s new single, ‘Cañamo Medico,’ from the album, Rock Beats Paper