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Do you suffer from anxiety? Panic Attacks? Are the ways you deal with anxiety not effective?

Yoga For Anxiety is designed for those of us who deal with anxiety disorders, such as General Anxiety Disorder or panic attacks. For 24 years I’ve dealt with panic attacks, two of which hospitalized me. Teaching yoga for the last 12 years has helped me deal with my anxiety in a proactive manner—not only do I have less panic and anxiety, but I’m able to deal with it more efficiently when it arises. The 12 techniques in this program including breathing, yoga postures and meditation.

No previous experience is necessary to partake in this program. The 12 videos are simple to use and require nothing more than your attention (a bolster or pillows won’t hurt). Three short accompanying lectures set the stage for how and why you’d want to use these yoga techniques.

If you’re tired of feeling anxious and stressed out, this course is made for you.


ORGANICALIFUNK6The EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project is a series of four-track EPs featuring some of the best international and indie electronica producers today.

The first EP, Rising, is out now. Featuring remixes by Kuzma, The Spy From Cairo, Srikalogy and Desert Dwellers, stay tuned to  Black Swan Sounds for information on upcoming releases, including Awakening, which will be out 12/4 and features dancefloor remixes by Nickodemus, Duke Mushroom, Mark Basta, and deejaysoul & don_cerati.



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Physical fitness begins with emotional fitness.

Mosaic Method is a groundbreaking training that provides fitness instructors and enthusiasts with a thorough understanding of how the brain reacts to music, and how that affects our mind, body and emotions. Pulling from several decades of experience as professional musicians, music supervisors, DJs and yoga instructors, as well as years spent studying the latest neuroscience research in the fields of music and movement, founders Derek Beres and Philip Steir have created Mosaic Method to help better incorporate music in fitness and help people get the most out of their classes and workouts.